Re: Popular Cryptography Magazine

On Jul 1, 7:08 am, Globemaker <alanfolms...@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Yes, the Popular Cryptography Magazine discusses crypto, but on

Crypto or ciphers? Seems from your other post you were asking only
for cipher designs.

sci.crypt I decided to make an exception for this one thread. I
remember when The Saint first posted on sci.crypt in late 1994, he

I didn't start posting till 1998.

seems so bright and smart, I am shocked to now read The Saint using
foul language about my new Magazine, rolling in his beer-fueled puke-
speech to insult a Magazine that is one week old. How infantile Tom
"The Saint" Denis seems, perhaps due to the pressures of working at
AMD, Advanced Micro Devices. I also worked at AMD as an engineer, so I
have some sympathy for the aggravation and anxiety that AMD commonly
produces in engineers who once cared about technology.

I also haven't worked at AMD for nearly 4 years. Maybe for someone
who is trying to defame another with such vigour you should do your
homework. Is this the quality of journalism and editorial we can
expect from your "magazine?"

So, Dave Eather, you are right to chastise me for responding to The
Saint's emotional outburst. I am sorry. I was wrong. I apologise to
The Saint and to all readers of sci.crypt for that. In the future I
will let the infantile temper tantrums pass under my hull, like 2.4
million gallons of oil per day, never expecting to plug it fully.

Why not, oh I dunno, re-think what you're doing and stop spamming
usenet with useless drivel? Nobody is going to read your "magazine"
specially if you encrypt the articles.