Re: Popular Cryptography Magazine

On Jun 29, 11:36 am, Globemaker <alanfolms...@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
adacrypt said:

One way or another this launching of "Popular Cryptography Magazine"
is a turning point for the good in crypto publications in my view - I
just hope that they will change the goal posts  - I reckon if they
worked on a policy of publishing by meritorios invitation it would
become such a coveted prize that it would fill a much needed niche
between say the American Mathematical Society and  sci crypt. -

During these early stages of evaluating your Vector Cipher 2, I am
focussing on two aspects for Popular Cryptography Magazine:
I cannot find a place in your software to enter a key of all zeros.
When I tried to encrypt a file with 24 megabytes of ASCII information,
the ciphertext was only 3 kilobytes long.
Do you, adacrypt, have any comment on those two issues?

Are these the right programs to be evaluating?

Suggest also running the Mark_0 program and see where it crashes out
- that is what it is there for - a diagnostic program