Re: The Winds of Change - The Three Snake Oils of Cryptography.

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you are way off the mark in talking 00 to FF

You are way off the mark in talking ' ' to '~', all you need is to
encrypt two characters: '0' and '1' - the users can type in their
files in raw binary.


Hi again,

I have always seen my work as a developer model for optimising later
by experts in crypto management - the salient thing about it is the
colossal crypto strength and the simplicity of being very, very user
friendly - to develop a theoretically unbreakable cipher(s) as I have
done is a major achievement - its a world first apart from the OTP
(don't start about this again) - I am not au fait with some of the
things you are advocating at present but of course I am keeping an
open mind - there is no need for slagging me off because I have no
pretensions of being a hands-on expert cryptographer - my contribution
is in having spotted the application of vector factoring in three-
dimensional space as an encryption environment and then to have
succesfully programmed it all into a working cipher - this involved
the marrying of the mathematics to the cryptography and implementing
those in Ada-95.

I am totally averse to working in binary and cannot see any advantage
- ok I know that everything in computing starts and finishes as
machine code that of course is modelled in binary but at the user
interface there is no gain in this - you guys are hooked on binary but
there is nothing to be gained by typing in files in raw binary -
better to read in the files character by character and let the
computer change it to binary - it is much better at doing this than
than any human being - there are many things that have become
entrenched practice in recent years in the crypto industry but that
does not mean they are here to stay.

There's been a lot about newline instigation - whether it's plaintext,
ciphertext or whatever, the line length in Ada is simply the number of
characters called for by the command line (Set_Line_Length) and then
bingo ! a new line is born.- can't see what the fuss is about.

I am not all convinced that your methods are worth taking on board -
there are several academic and other research groups studying my work
at the present time and happily they understand the mathematics - any
refinement of the source code is in good hands - they will have to be
good however because there is no flesh on that beast after me - I
welcome any shake up that may evolve to my ciphers at the same time.

An unbreakable cipher type is on the table no matter what anybody may
say to the contrary.

It will be interesting to see what evolves.

The source code of a working cipher is downloadable from my website
http://www, - see downloadable source code for Vector
Cipher_2 - ada compiler is included - why don't you have a go at using
this and then I can talk to you all - I can't do any more than that !
- Cheers - adacrypt

PS - I am not interested in images at this time but I am capable of
handling that if I ever need to - I repeat its security of information
only in my stuff for now anyway.