Re: New Forum: BulletProof, Bitmap Steganography, XOR

I agree. I've made three suggestions that under the right
circumstances might be better: make everyone your friend then you
won't need these techniques or just beat the crap out of the guy who
has information you must have or give them M-O-N-E-Y.

I could offer other insights but there could and probably are better *
that I can't share because to do so could give someone else the edge
they need over what I represent but haven't thought of yet. But upon
futher thought I might change my mind. We'll see.

I'll just mention the movie, Blade Runner and the technology
characterized in that film and you can think about it.


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Just one other thing - I don't think the term "bulletproof" sits well with
anybody in crypto ... :-)

I don't have any particular problem with the word bulletproof, as long as
everyone understands the relative merits. For example, on Aug 5, 1945 I'm
quite sure there were many people who had various bulletproof situations,
but on Aug 6 they questioned the value of housing them in Hiroshima.

That is the problem with claiming something is *proof, there's always a
better *.