Re: What Encryption Method Is Used for ssh-keygen RSA Private Keys?

On May 5, 1:28 pm, "Datesfat Chicks" <datesfat.chi...@xxxxxxxxx>
When I use "ssh-keygen" on a Linux box and generate an RSA keypair, what
encryption method is used for the private key?

It says "DES" in the key file, but this can't be right?

I couldn't find this information easily anywhere ....

A sample key generation and files are below.  The passphrase is "testtest".

The actual ciphering is in CBC mode where key derivation is non-PKCS
#5. It actually comes from the Netscape SSL library which predates
PKCS #8 as best as I can tell.

The gist of the key derivation is

first = 1
while (keybytes_left && ivbytes_left) {
M = empty_string
if (!first) { M = M || previous_hash; }
M = M || passwd
M = M || salt
M = hash(M)
for (x = 1; x < count; x++) {
M = hash(M)

Fill keybyte array with M (if keybytes_left > 0)
Fill ivbyte array with M (if anything left of M)
previous_hash = M
first = 0

The string you see after the cipher name is the salt [iirc]. Where
hash == MD5 I think...