Re: Mark-Up Cryptography or Encapsulation Cryptography.

adacrypt wrote:

No , it is not a huge codebook in any way - it is instead comprised of
several large (say about a nominal 8000 elements each) arrays of
mathematical integer operands that are called by a computer to enable
the one-way mathematical functions of this cryptography to proceed -
come again if you are still not clear.

Unless you'll explain otherwise, what I could think of is that both
partners keep two identical arrays of (as you wrote) 8000 elements and
hence they could via the array indices do some identical operations on
them. These operations are somehow coded in a way agreed upon by the
partners. Though specifying a sequence of operations they could get
identical results of computations and that is how they manage to
communicate in principle, I surmise. (If so, the array is in essence
a codebook, though the math operations -- you haven't detailed these
operations, as far as I am aware -- that you apply are certainly absent
in the classical usage of codebooks.)

M. K. Shen

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