Re: Permutation Extrapolation Function (PXF) (you might find the end of the post useful)

On 9/04/2010 6:35 AM, David Eather wrote:
On 7/04/2010 7:05 PM, WTShaw wrote:
On Apr 5, 6:59 am, David Eather<eat...@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

If you want to stick to pen and pencil all well and good, but post to a
group that is interested in it. Please note how few people respond to
your posts and you might understand how worthless they are to a
mathematically and computer based cryptography group that relies on
analysis for its results and opinions.

Imagine that which is so easy to be proven by pencil and paper but
most useful. The bulk of what was posted here was produce by
programmed functions. Imagine somethings that are so complicated by
misfortune that you can never prove them as accurate. You would have
so difficulty doing this with binary coding anyway.

No, I did the work on this sort of thing sometime back in the 80's and
when on to a more refined use of those ideas in the ring area rather
than just for as a lowly pad.

Your snipping has yet again caused an "error" - the subject of this post
was your "solution" to a problem that did no exist. If you want to
change subjects all well and good, but do it on a different thread.

And that still doesn't fix the problem of you posting pen and pencil methods to a computer based cryptography group