Re: Permutation Extrapolation Function (PXF) (you might find the end of the post useful)

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On 5/04/2010 6:50 PM, WTShaw wrote:

On Apr 4, 11:17 am, David Eather<eat...@xxxxxxxxxx>  wrote:

Excuse me, but this post was about your perception that passwords were
stored on a system and your idea to obfuscate them to "solve" this

Not necessarily so but the popular idea that they are stored is wrong
and programs that are so shallow to do so should be condemned. It's
nice to know agree but amongst the unwashed masses, their brains are
still in "park."

All it shows is that you do not understand properly implemented modern
cryptography which *does not* store a password but a non reversible hash
function and this makes your "problem" non-existent and your "solution"
to the problem totally useless.

To this you claimed that the hash function would give away the size of
the password, which also shows you do not understand cryptographic hash
functions, which normally put out a fixed sized hash. So, all the rest
you are now producing is worthless stuff to fix problems that only exist
in your mind caused by your lack of any understanding of cryptography.

Again, ignorance is predominate. Another means of doing something
useful should be considered and it is an aside that I also suggest
that nothing need be stored in most uses.