Re: Operator Protocols for using a PRF

On Apr 2, 2:50 am, WTShaw <lure...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
For my applications with my honed GUI:

Either when opening the HTML page containing the JavaScript or
Selecting "Keys: Start-Reset" the native permutation(s) should appear
in the top field, default words that might be used in scrambling
should appear in a special field, a default number, usually "3" will
appear in another special field. The default words and default number
may be changed at any time to cause the scrambling routine to work
specially dependent on their values.

Operating the PXF must be done exactly the same way each setup to
yield the same deranged character set(s), a rare permutation.

Usually the scramble button is named with the size of the set
appearing like Scramble 97 except where there are two sets that may be
handled at the same time with "Scramble Both." For the scrambling to
be done again, the button "S Again OK" must be selected between each
scrambling action which effectively deglitches the process.

In something other than digit(s) is entered into the special number
field, "NaN" should appear upon attempted scrambling and the page may
need to be reloaded to clear the error.

There are really too many setup protocols to suggest.  Your custom
sequence is up to you.  Experiment and enjoy.  Note some specific
pattern or word(s) within the scrambled results to help you confirm
you have followed your protocol correctly.

Are you just using this group to make notes to yourself now? No one
(ever) knows what you're talking about. How about a link? Do we get to
see this in some kind of appropriate context, or are you just wasting
our time as usual?