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The great difficulty for me in posting is the large cross-section of
understanding and the diversity of backgrounds that you must try and
appeal to in the group.

Thank you for telling sci.crypt about your algorithms. When you
encrypted messages and sent them to your most trustworthy associates,
were they willing to decrypt your messages? How many of your
associates have then encrypted a response which you were able to
decrypt? I hope that your answers are greater than zero. From my
experiences with sending encrypted data using AES, the recipient is
not competent to decrypt the data files.

This still requires extensive beta testing - results to date or ok but
I would like a more extensive test - after the initial delivery from
Alice to Bob of the mutual database that completes the secure loop,
the system is then as reliable as the computer itself and the email
transmission infrastructure that carries it.

With these crypto systems everything is simulated at home first of all
before committing it to the internet as encrypted email. Alice can
simulate Bob and decrypt her own message at home before sending the
encrypted message to him. Bob of course becomes Alice in return
encryptions. After that is up to the communicatons infrastructure
which is as reliable as you know how - I have never known a computer
to misread machine code yet ? I agree it needs to be proved over a
longer time span - Many thanks for your interest - adacrypt