Re: Why is Kerberos ever used, rather than modern public key cryptography?

On 2010-03-10, Joseph Ashwood <ashwood@xxxxxxx> wrote:
"chris" <> wrote in message
It's possible that I've misunderstood it, but Kerberos seems like a
hassle in comparison to modern public key cryptography, and they seem
to accomplish similar goals. Where is the distinction drawn?

Kerberos is actually a very sophisticated system, with many capabilities
beyond a simple public key system. Kerberos is about authenticating people
based on a small secret, this secret can be kept on a smartcard and it can

Either way you have to have an entity you can trust, either the Kerberos
server or the server that gives out the public keys. Kerberos was developed
and was free back when public key was still encumbered by patents and

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