Re: length of pw

On Feb 25, 10:55 pm, bmearns <mearn...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Ok, so it takes 6 months to crack a 5 character pw.  Fine.

Perfect, so your original assertion which started this thread, that a
5 character password is "good enough", is demonstrably wrong.

Why? If it takes even the CIA, FBI, NSA 6months to crack my 5
character pw,
then I am happy with it. I suppose the cracking program has to run
24hrs non-stop.
If so, it would take away valuable time and resources from the those
fine organizations
which have nothing else better to do than hack into my email accounts,
files, my diary, etc.

government agency couldn't crack your 5 character password by the end
of the week, you're just plain stupid.

no, anyone who tries to is.

I'll just use a foreign alphabet, Hindi, Greek, Chinese or Arabic or a
mixture of 10 different languages.

and so is the difficulty of memorizing it.

sorry, not for people who actually speak those languages it's not.