Re: Infinite One-Time Pad, is this product BS?

On Jan 26, 11:04 pm, Paulo Marques <pmarq...@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
john wrote:
On Jan 26, 1:28 pm, Richard Herring <junk@[]> wrote:
ROFL. That's _why_ you need a long enough sequence of plaintext to
verify your hypothesis.

- Correct, do doubt with that dude but not the only way though - there
are loads of far better ways if you only unlock your mind from
Shannon's Principle and stay open-minded... QUALITY not QUANTITY dude!

Richard, john is of course correct. You just don't see it because you're
not smoking the same shit as he is.

That must be some powerful shit, though ;)

Paulo Marques

"'thinking outside the box' works better if I know what's inside the box."

There are cases where you don't need to see what's inside the box.
For example, it is plane to see that SR-71 Blackbird is faster than
Boeing X-43.
Do we still need to see the components used, designs, etc to believe
it is.
Sometimes, logical judgement is enough. Digging the internals is just
a secondary.