Re: Infinite One-Time Pad, is this product BS?

No, he's the reviewer. From the web site:

"I am convinced that Infinite One-Time Pad is really a super text
encrypter. No doubt, nobody could ever break the tough protections. I
can now send confidential e-mails without any worry. Thanks for this
great software.

So that's all right then.

(and it's total BS btw)

- The reason why I'm supporting this software (although I haven't yet
got the full version) is that I've never seen anything like it. I'm a
fan of cryptography and most software of its kind only protected by
keystrokes, for me - keystrokes, no matter how long it is or how
randomly generated, it is still vurnerable to unauthorized decryption
specially in todays computing age... I'm actually been looking to
different sites about the crack version of the software, if I found
one then for me, its credibility is definitely dead - please let me
know should anybody manage to get the cracked version.. I've not seen
one yet to date...
- John