Re: Infinite One-Time Pad, is this product BS?

I thought you were the clueless newbie developer?

No, he's the reviewer. From the web site:

"I am convinced that Infinite One-Time Pad is really a super text
encrypter. No doubt, nobody could ever break the tough protections. I
can now send confidential e-mails without any worry. Thanks for this
great software.

So that's all right then.

(and it's total BS btw)

Richard Herring

Wow! That's a part of my comment I've sent to ages
ago, I've not seen that, I don't even know it's there - good you've
shown me - thanks Richard, funny huh! should give me
the software FREE!!! for putting my name on it grrrrrr!... You've at
least decrypted who I am but the above code isn't yet decrypted, not
in million years anyway....
- John Springfield