Re: True Random Number Generator

On 2010-01-21, jmorton123 <jmorton123@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
The clock time used is 1000 ticks per second. If there is a bias it
must be incrediblly small because a computer cannont fuction with any
significant clock bias nor can an operating system. Furthermore, any

But that is not relevant. The computer for example could visit the mouse
only once every 1/10 second, and then the quantization would be 1/10
sec. And people's habits are predictable-- they press the button
regularly ot randomly, and move the mouse with a set velocity. All those
introduce huge biases into the "random numbers"

insignifiant bias which you indicate that may be present is completely
washed out by the randomness of the click moments entered by the

They are NOT random.

user. Lastly, you need to ask youself: can these random numbers be
reproduced? I think not. Thank you.

Much of the statistics can be reproduced, yes. People are in fact very
It is precisely such naive statements ( my mouse clicks seem
unpredictable to me, so they must be) that indicates that noone should
trust anything you do in the field.