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She doesn't have any legislative powers as such (how did we get
here?), but she does still have the power to dissolve Parliament and
call an election, despite any earlier sillinesses.

Yes, she has some very limited powers. Mainly for use in a political
emergency. That is hardly dictatorial power.

Speaking as a german, I'm more than a bit sceptical about special
powers for "emergency use" being non-dictatorial ;-)

The "emergency" is when parliaments become unworkable due to
political conflict.

As Queen of Australia, her representative did dissolve the Parliament
there, and fired the Prime Minister, in 1975.

In both Canada and Australia, the powers are in name only. The
Governor General actually has the powers, and does not have to ask her
permission to use those powers. Ie, the Governor General is the
"representative" in name only. Again, that name only is important as
it stops the Governor General from thinking they are god.

But if she DOES decide to use her power, could she do it? Or could the
Governor say no?

Powers are limited by the Constitution. HM may not e.g. make laws.

So while she doesn't have any law-making powers ...

In Canada and Australia, she has no powers. In England she has "tie
breaking" powers (like the referee at a hockey match, one can hardly
say it is the referee that plays the game or scores the goals, but
they are an important aspect of the game.) Again, hardly dictatorial

But she can make life so difficult that people can't do anything until
they do what she wants them to do. Goal achieved.

BTW, wasn't there a law in the UK that some people could be held
prisoner for as long as the Queen wanted?

There are "special laws" like that in every country.

The judiciary acts in the name of the crown, but that doesn't mean
that the monarch can simply require that a particular person be
locked up. There is a rule of law.
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