Re: JSH: My view on factoring problem situation

On Tue, 3 Nov 2009 18:30:13 -0800 (PST), JSH <jstevh@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Around a year later I think that it's quite possible that I DID solve
the factoring problem, but if so, it's a rather easy answer, and for
that reason, no one wants to believe it's true, and if enough people
won't believe, what can you do?
Despite its name the "Factoring Problem" is not just about finding
factors; finding factors is neccessary but not sufficient. The real
factoring problem is finding factors *quickly*. The *quickly* part is
the most important part. We can find factors very easily by using
trial factorisation, but trial factorisation is slow.

You need to test how fast you method runs before you make any claims
about solving the factoring problem. Yes, that does mean implementing
it and running it against an implementation of trial factorisation and
comparing the relative speeds of the two methods.

If, and only if, your method finds factors faster than trial
factorisation you might have something. Then you have to trial your
method against other existing fast methods such as the number field

You have more work to do on this James.