Re: Music as crypto medium

On Mon, 28 Sep 2009 19:14:02 +0200, Mok-Kong Shen
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Music as a crypto medium goes back presumably almost to the
very beginning of the history of crypto. Nevertheless I found
it interesting to read a recent article written by a school
girl (C. Licht, in Junge Wissenschaften) on her own experiment
to use music to transmit secret informations. As far as I
(an ignorant in music) could summerize, she determined from
a number of works of Bach, Vivaldi and Mozart a frequency
distribution of the musical notes therein and used that to fit
in a rough manner the frequency distribution of letters in
a natural language, so as to obtain a mapping between the
two. Evidently such transcriptions couldn't be expected to
result in excellent pieces of music. However I suppose one
should perhaps even in the modern time not entirely neglect
the potential utility of music for crypto (including stego).
I should appreciate to know some more modern literature
references to papers relating music and crypto.


M. K. Shen
Hardly modern, but you might want to have a look at Mozart's
Musikalisches Würfelspiel:

Which has obvious possibilities for incorporating hidden information
into a piece of music.