Re: google + bit of time == ecc curve that is better

pubkeybreaker wrote:

Dave Turner wrote:

pubkeybreaker why can you not keep the conversation civil? Surely if your
knowledge of everything you're hitting Tom with is correct then those facts
will speak for themselves without you having to resort to childish things
like name-calling.

Me? You seem to have blinders on. Learn to read.

Now *that* is a mature response!

I was RESPONDING to his name calling and sarcastic taunting.

Tom is grossly ignorant about a lot of things.

Ignorant of top-secret requirements that cannot be revealed?

The said thing is that he
is not even aware of it. It has been this way for MANY years.
For him to casually dismiss NSA requirements as the work of
demonstrates his ignorance. He has no idea what happens during the
specification of requirements; what the various considerations are

There is little point in bringing this up again, and again, since you are
not at liberty to discuss said requirements...

He can only see one thing "faster curves are possible; therefore the
people who developed the standards are incompetent".

Let it slide...