Re: ECC in Botan?

My protocol already allows multiple versions, but I'm hoping that I
never need to update it. That's why I'm choosing enormous key-sizes.
My goal is for the protocol to be safe for the next 50 years, taking
exception to the fact that a Quantum Computer may be developed
during that time span, which will most likely make both AES and RSA

I don't think that any currently unbroken cryptosystem can manage that
feat. =(

Regardless, I'd like to point you to my own efforts in designing a
flexible crypto library. It's hosted here:

For the protocols it provides, see this description:

Most of the work is done. I mainly have to port it to MacOS and
PS3/XBOX/PSP, and I also need to spend some long evenings making sure
that the curves that I use don't have any weaknesses and fixing them
if needed...

Right now I'm the only developer on this project, but if you want to
help out we can talk.. Just Email mrcatid@xxxxxxxxx

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