Re: m-o-o-t?

Geek wrote:
What happened to this, because the web site seems to be
2 years out of date.

Short version:

Metaphorically, it's in bits in my garage awaiting assembly. Most of the bits are there, in good working order, and the ones which are missing aren't essential. From time to time the bits get added to and/or refreshed.

That's not a bad place for it to be - there haven't been many UK/EU/US cases where decryption has been demanded, and afaik none of them have been finally settled as far as the self-incrimination aspect goes.

We'll see what happens, and if it turns out there is a need - m-o-o-t is there, just awaiting assembly.

The long version has more detail, but says the same thing.

-- Peter Fairbrother