Re: Elliptic curves

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�a �crit :

No. When I was talking of the order of a group based on an EC, I was not
talking of an EC over a finite field.

So it is over an infinite field. Q?

Look up "torsion group".

Now, all points except those in the torsion group (max order 12)
have INFINITE order.

In my 2nd post to E. S�ylemez, I wrote

|With a curve E(A,B)/N, N being the product of two "big" different
|primes, the order is not easy to compute (but we can build such a curve
|with a known order when we know the factorization of N).

I thought it made it clear that the computations are done with the curve
E(A,B)/N where N is not a prime.

E(A,B) mod N where N is composite does not even form an
Elliptic Curve.