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But I was not writing a math paper, [...]

Correctness still matters.

Like telling me that we cannot use ECs to mimic RSA because computing
"e'th roots (at least for small e) on an elliptic curve over a finite
field" is easy?

Yes. That is what he is telling you. And he is correct.

In short, you do not even know what I am thinking of

I doubt whether you are capable of thinking at all.

but that's not what can prevent you to explain me why it cannot work!

This sentence is gibberish.

Correctness still matters... :-)

The only goal of my post to E. Söylemez was that we can make RSA with
ECs because we need a group, not a ring.

And the only point of the reply was to indicate that you are totally
RSA works because the exponentiation is done in a group of UNKNOWN

For EC, once you have the coefficients of the curve, and have
specified the finite
field, the group order becomes KNOWN. Computing it is easy.

You CAN NOT make an RSA encryption scheme using elliptic curves.

Now, maybe I should have
written "a group with the good properties",

And if you had done so, you would have been writing GIBBERISH.
And you would still be wrong.

it would have been
sufficiently fuzzy to avoid misplaced comma hunters.

Unfortunately, you do not seem to understand that exactness is

I suggest that you quit while you are behind.