Re: [newbie] example primes for blum-blum-shub

Marco Maggi wrote:
I do not want to provide any method to automatically
generate the special primes required by the algorithm. I
would like to include in the documentation an example of P
and Q primes that satisfy the requirements, to make the user
understand what it means that they have to be "big" and that
GCD(\phi(P-1), \phi(Q-1)) has to be "small".

The requirements for P and Q in good implementation of the BBS generator are
much more stringent.
I implemented the BBS generator using the GMP library with period
certification, state counting and jump into any state of the sequence.
If you are interested in my implementation, let me know [in tal caso, posta
su it.comp.sicurezza.crittografia; in italiano ci capiamo meglio! :-) ].