Re: Q: password generation

On 2009-07-03, Maaartin <grajcar1@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Random capitalization of any character would give me 20 bits (on the
5 4-character word passphrase), but it'd way harder to type (at
least for me) than your additional word.

More importantly, it would be much harder to *remember* which letters
you need to capitalize than to remember one or two additional words.

Or which of these passphrases (generated using a slightly smaller
dictionary of only 2354 words) would _you_ find easier to memorize:

a) "ramp true boat deem land card buoy" (7*11.2 = 78.4 bits), or
b) "iaMb Laid ZETA DiCK hOBO" (5*11.2 + 20 = 76 bits)?

Try it -- type both a few times, for practice, then go away for five
minutes and see if you can retype them exactly without looking.

Ilmari Karonen
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