Re: Sharing my 256-bit ECC library

It's in your best interest to maintain your non-related
functionality in different trees/projects.
Your "libcatmath" if meant to be a crypto library shouldn't have
a codec in it, or tunnelling code, etc... It should just have
the crypto primitives your offering.

You're right. I'll split those off further into some new projects.

How about this outline?

libcatcommon (Time)
libcatcodec (RangeCoder)
libcatmath (BigInt, Random, MurmurHash2)
libcatcrypt (CookieJar, CryptoHashes, ChaCha, ECC)
libcattunnel (Tunnel)
libcatframework (others...)

Write your server/client code as if they were a user of a third
party library. It'll be good practice and a way to spot things
you need to fix in terms of usability or documentation.

I completely agree. I want to give back to the community with this
project so I am trying to wear the hat of a user when I look at the
code. A friend of mine is using this library and I am getting
feedback from him as well.

Also can you speak to your intended license and the lineage of all
the source code? One thing people fear a lot about OSS projects
of this nature is who owns what.

With the next release of the library I will do a run through all the
code and make sure attributions are being made where necessary. I
haven't thought much about a software license yet, but I basically
want to be able to share the code for people to do whatever they
want with it. I don't care if they give attribution to me or if it
is commercial.

Have you started a manual for the crypto api yet?

I will as soon as it is more stable. After I split the libraries up
more and the primitives are implementing interfaces it will be in
much better shape for some doxygen and a manual.

And finally, have you started your own version control [cvs, svn,
git, whatever] to keep track of development? Are you planning
[ahead] to allow outside contributions? What sort of development
TODO list do you have brewing in your head, what exact problem(s)
are your libraries meant to solve that others haven't addressed as

I was thinking about puting it up on SourceForge. I've never done
that before so it will be an adventure. Hopefully it has a bug
tracker and other things. Also I will have a webpage over at for it.

Not specifically because I'm looking to contribute

Your comments are contribution! This is all new territory for me so
I really do appreciate your time. Thanks Tom!

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