Weakest Encryption is Here!

Weakest Encryption To Baffle Those With A TV Education
This scheme is readable by scholars, but is not readable by people who
were educated by television. The Greek Alphabet is used to spell
English sentences. My new Perl program will be posted at:
The free software changes Latin letters to Greek letters, but the
software will cost $1 to decrypt Greek into English. This could be
used to send messages intended scholars or trained people. Scholars
can figure it out in one minute, but the TV crowd could take days to
figure it out. Here are 3 facts, like:
Force equals mass times acceleration.

Φορcε εθυαλσ μασσ τιμεσ αccελερατιον.
Ενεργξ ισ φορcε τιμεσ διστανcε ανδ ψολταγε τιμεσ cηαργε.
Ωορκ, ηεατ, ενεργξ, ανδ τορθυε ηαψε υνιτσ οφ φοοτ πουνδσ.

This scheme was first posted on sci.crypt around 1995.