A Research Methods Adviser for sci.crypt Researchers

Dear sci.crypt Researcher,

Do you face these types of questions during your research design and
data analysis?

* Simple Random, Cluster Sampling, or Convenience Sampling for
sample design?
* Single-Subject, Exploratory, or Retrospective Causal-Comparative
for your research method?
* Chi-squared, Spearman's Rho , or ANOVA for statistical testing?

Tne option is to dust off bulky reference textbooks, but the modern-
day option is to use the Research Methods Adviser in our #1-rated
research portal, MyNetResearch.

I would like to offer every researcher two free months use of the
Research Methods Adviser during the month of June, 2009 (regularly $7/
month). The Adviser asks you a series of questions, and based on your
responses, suggests the appropriate:

* Sample Design
* Research Method, and/or
* Statistical Test.

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Bay Arinze, Ph.D., Founding Editor
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