Re: GOST key gen?

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On Thu, 21 May 2009 21:59:01 -0700, "Joseph Ashwood" <ashwood@xxxxxxx>
Actually open versus closed source has nothing to do with security, it is a
common misconception that it is otherwise.

A backdoor can be integrated into open source just as easily, SSH's history speaks very well on this, one of the early implementations accidently used the all zero key 255/256 times an accidental, but still highly effective, backdoor, all the way to the most recent critical vulnerability, again an accidental, but critical, backdoor. I also remember an Obfuscated C Code style competition to implement such a backdoor in the most hidden manner.

Closed-source does make backdoors generally easier, but with modern decompilers everything is quickly becoming open source, one look at the dissections of Skype shows just how ineffective even extreme attempts at guarding the code is.


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