Extrapolation and Permutation, Science and/or Art?

Crypto is one of those strange fields that spends part of the time
deeply rooted in knowns and unknowns, trying to hide the former
amongst the later. This mission inspires dishonestly for purpose of
deceiving the dishonest and a desire for openness amongst those who
would rather believe that transparency itself is a supreme and good
virtue, rather a strange mix.

Whereas extrapolation deals with generating the unknown given a trend
of knowns, the chosen formula mechanisms for doing so can appear or
seem even mystical, so obscure and/or complicated as to approach
ultimate weirdness even to someone practiced in other logical methods.
In confusing the knowledgable, the promise of security is made while a
neophyte might be better able to trip over the key thought as he knows
not better that to do so but is less likely to know what he has
discovered. The ambiguity first insults the pious and then rewards
the serendipitous while making the blind increasingly become ever more

Applied mathematics surely has a role in solutions, but then trickery,
delusion, and appeals to prejudice may be used to cause an attacker to
go wide afield of useful solutions by attracting him away from and
probably the intentional masking of useful systematic cryptological

An open exposure of an extrapolation method that does not facilitate
its own reversal may be desirable. This is the goal of many so-called
hash algorithms although it the product of such a process contains
less raw information than the source text, it is not a true hash but
is still an extrapolation. Some would say the keys would count here
as defining what was a hash, but that would be only true if they were
private, temporal, and/or considered part of the raw input and
otherwise could be quantified as containing enmass more information
than the output.

While a key of a common text format is likely most poor, a key x in
counter format of y number of characters in set y, a permutation of a
set seems yet superior as a key because of its tendencies to resist
analysis as to generation method. As even a single word, really bad,
may be extrapolated to generate a permutation in a good sized set and
seemingly a multitude of subsequent redundant products can be further
so generated, the traditional thinking that simple methods can always
be simply solved is to be realized as simply an oversimplification of
a complex strategy.

Escape mechanisms that hide invertibility in generated permutations
are aptly named as homologs to the once counterintuitive notions that
opposed mechanical invention that facilitated classical clocks. Here,
overflow is a good thing as some historical tendencies may be left
behind with no where to go, distinctions as to source can not result
in substitution variance, and an extrapolation prejudice is guaranteed
even in the first step.

Design need not simply always be a reworking of past failure and
weaknesses thorough a litany of known cookbook possibilities. "Novel"
means that, one of a kind, perhaps a new, obscure, or even a forgotten
technique to be rediscovered. As for extrapolative key generation,
the use of mystery can be part of it and remain beyond the sort of
helpful hint that a trivial attacker might desire, request, and/or

As for an encryptive use of a extrapolated permuted key, gold plating
a turd should be reserved for decorative purposes, parody, or as an
extreme example of waste.