Re: simple math question

"pubkeybreaker" <pubkeybreaker@xxxxxxx> wrote in message
What the OP was trying to do was not implemtation.
He was trying to create his own algorithm. This requires
math that neither he nor you have.

Actually Bob, at the risk of incurring everyone's wrath once again, it is
more implementation then design. I am not designing cryptographic
primatives, I am instead taking a whole bunch of common pre-existing
primatives and ideas and utilising them in an uncommon way. The ONLY
'designing' I did was the key stream generator (an insecure implementation
of someone elses idea), which while it has a large interval, is no doubt
subject to a half dozen attacks, and turning a 6 bit s-box into an 8 bit
s-box, essentially a slightly modified version of someone elses idea, so the
s-boxes falls into both categories, because, as far as I know, no one has
ever used an s-box in the way that I am. I also wrote code to pass data
between each primative, this is not design at all. As Tom and anyone who
chooses to read the TeX he requested will see.