Re: RSA question

sluijten@xxxxxxxxx writes:

OK math guys, what's the overall conclusion, can I use RSA for this?
In other words: is there a major security issue when I use a private
key to encrypt and a public key for decryption?

The idea is simply absurd. The notion of `encryption' implies some
security requirements. Those requirements cannot be met if you also
want the general public to able to decrypt.

My best guess is that you want a digital signature scheme. If you do,
you should say so. If you don't, you should state the /security
requirements/ of what you want.

RSA is not an encryption scheme. RSA is not a digital signature
scheme. RSA is a trapdoor one-way permutation family. Trapdoor one-way
permutation families can be used to construct encryption schemes and
digital signature schemes.

-- [mdw]