Re: ASCII Requires a Temporary Substitution During Encryption.

Guy Macon <> wrote:

As for newsreaders, USENET was here long before Unicode was
invented and will be here long after Unicode is declared
obsolete and replaced with something better. ASCII is the
proper data format for USENET messages.

I totally agree with your sentiment, but I don't share your confidence
in Usenet's longevity. I fear that web forums are taking over and
fragmenting the discussion space. Worse than that, they are often not
archived or searchable in the way that Usenet is. And don't even get me
started on the usability or security issues.

ASCII's not for everyone, especially if your native language doesn't map
easily to the Latin alphabet. I wouldn't object strongly to the use of
UTF-8 in Usenet postings. On the other hand I'd have a small fit of
disgust if people started moving to HTML, as so many already do in
email. All it would take is for Google Groups to offer a nice little
AJAX editor, then Microsoft and Yahoo would have to keep up, and Usenet
as we know it would perish rapidly.

James Taylor

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