Re: New computation method which could endanger used cryptosystems (?)

Such loop will be stable if it has found a solution (which can be
transferred out).
If there would be a clock, in each cycle there would be checked one
If not, it's no longer classical computer: while removing the clock/
synchronization we are destroying the order and releasing all it's
statistical, quantum properties to make what physics do the best:
solve its partial differential equations. Now it became continuous and
so it can go with energy gradient to some local minimum, but the only
local minimals are stable states (solutions). Every other is extremely
unstable - electron fluid won't rest until it find a solution. The
statistics, differences between propagation times will create
extremely fast chaotic search for it.

Sounds like absolute non-sense. The clocking really means nothing, you can
build complicated systems without a clock. What means everything is the
propogation delay through the logic gates (because of it, clocks are used to
sync). There is no way you can cycle the input and put input to output
without some finite delay, and the maximum clock speed would be set very
very close to this delay, so the advantage of not having a clock would be
almost zero, as the propogation delay would still exist. The time it took to
reach a steady state would match the time of a clocked conventional computer
system, so long as the clocking was done right at the same speed as
propogation delay. Any talk about 'quantum' computing is complete non-sense
at the moment.