Re: Breaking Large Composite Numbers...???

On Dec 13, 8:04�pm, Maaartin <grajc...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
IMO, �"conservative=ignorant" �here.

What's the problem here? I use 4096 bit RSA key for my emails. Why?
Why not? It'f costs nothing.

??? Key generation takes about 256 times as long as
1024 bits, decryption and/or signature verification
takes 64 times as long, and message transmission requires 4 times the
bandwidth.... Multi-pass key
agreement protocols (e.g. those require perfect forward
secrecy or explicit key authentication) become much

I would not call this "costs nothing".

I also ask, "what does it GAIN you"???

You can not argue that it guards against faster
computers because 1024 bits is out-of-reach even
with much faster computers.

You certainly can not argue that it guards against
future algorithms, because a new method that readily
breaks 1024 bits might also break 4096 bits; Trying
to guess how big to make keys to guard against a
future math breakthrough, is futile.

Or maybe a couple of millis I don't
notice at all.

Of course, for a server certificate (or somewhere else where it gets
used frequently) I would thing twice about it.

It would bog down such servers, even with current
computer speeds.

You don't want to change your encryption protocols AFTER you discover that all your messages are being read.

Tell me how much bigger RSA keys will prevent it.....

You'll never discover because nobody tells you. And if you find it
out, you can be sure it's too late



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