Re: Breaking Large Composite Numbers...???

Simon Johnson wrote:
What's the problem here? I use 4096 bit RSA key for my emails. Why?
Why not? It'f costs nothing. Or maybe a couple of millis I don't
notice at all.

Of course, for a server certificate (or somewhere else where it gets
used frequently) I would thing twice about it.

You also need to consider who can profit from breaking the key and
what your loss would be. I don't believe the NSA would spent billions
of dollars for the ability to read my emails.

I believe the original poster had the right sentiment.

The OP??? Have you read the OP's post *at all*?

As a general question, WTF is wrong with parts of this news group? The OP's question received multiple correct answers just short of a week ago and the OP was satisfied, but people are still posting in the thread, but now almost totally unrelated to the OP's questions, which have just become an excuse to have an argument.

As a suggestion, if you need a position tested then post it as a question in a new thread - any OT argument will be beneficial in terms clarification. But if you just want to have an argument and any thread will do then that is pathetic.