Look I actually spent time trying to write proper English. I think
its a mental block of some kind. One thing I hate about Groups under
Google is they offer only a SEND or DISCARD option after you type in
the text.

THEY SHOULD OFFER PREVIEW so one can see what other see when you
post a message. But sadly they don't. So what I type is bad enough
without the way GOOGLE messes it up more by random chopping. I really
spent time on last reply. It is really really a pain to get it to look
nice and read nice. In last post one time said 2 rounds needed for
full avalanche in anohter place I said 3. I meant 3 I even read 3 when
I proof read it. I also read BYTS and BWTS I missed that I thought I
looked over it at least 10 times.

But it do believe the way I described the way I would use binary
bijective forms of BWTS and UNBWTS will make for much stronger
crypto. For the way it clearly extends UNICITY DISTANCE for messages
by making for effective much longer blocks.

Example take triple DES or AES one still encodes from front
of file to back. Yes they can try to hide things by using
different IV or chaining modes. But the fact remains that if
encrypting simple english text that one needs to only look
at a few ciphertext blocks to have enough information
to break the cipher in even a ciphertext only attack. This
is fact and it should scare anyone serious about encryption
why give an attacker enough infromation in a few blocks of
ciphertext to break the encryption its just plain stupid.
I hear the BS that they are immune from such attacks. Thats
a lie it only means its not yet broken in public domain since
Shannon has stated there is enough information to break it
in just the few short ciphertext blocks of the file.

Far better would be to do a simple AES pass
followed by BWTS or UNBWTS as I described and
then another AES pass followed by another
BWTS or BWT followed by last AES pass. Yes
for long files its slow. But the advantage is
that it greately increates amount of ciphertest
that needs to be exaimed before there is enough
information for a break to exist.

But if security is of no concern then follow the herd.

David A. Scott
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Disclaimer:I am in no way responsible for any of the statements
made in the above text. For all I know I might be drugged.
As a famous person once said "any cryptograhic
system is only as strong as its weakest link"