Re: The Modernised ASCII-Modulated One-Time Pad Cipher.

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>In the new OTP called “A Modernised One-Time Pad Cipher”
>the permutation space is 14250 (factorial) strong – a vast number, the
>key length is 14250 which means a message length of between 1 and
>14250 characters long can be achieved.

Wow. So I can encrypt a single image from my digital camera in less than
150 messages.  And I can send an entire DVD in less than a third of a
million messages.

Richard Herring

Please don't quote signatures.

One size fits all usually doesn't. With no real approval of the
crypto method under discussion here, I defend the text oriented
emphasis of some such programs.

Why? Lack of generality implies unnecessary structure which may help an attacker.

A few choice words, or even one, can
change the world...and has.

Non sequitur.

Richard Herring

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