Re: I have developed the ONLY UNBREAKABLE raw data encryption program

On Sep 15, 3:03 pm, gordonb.qg...@xxxxxxxxxxx (Gordon Burditt) wrote:

Summary:  you have a key space of 2**54.

Why such a small key space?  Single DES has a key space of 2**56
(not counting the parity bits, since you shouldn't).  More modern
ciphers use bigger key spaces, like 128 or 256 bits.

A large key space does not necessarily make a secure cipher.  A
small key space can make a brute force attack feasable and nothing
can overcome that.  

The overall algorithm was not fully described in this particular
implementation . The 56 bit key is a secondary one while the primary
key as a constant size of 200 deranged alphabets of 65 characters
each. The main key can be derived from a simple seeded RNG worth only
about 15 bits or to the other extreme of complete randomness. A
variety of schemes can be used to make keys somewhere in between,
stored or generated on the fly. It's quite a beast and when the three-
letter boys paid for a copy of an earlier a buggy version in the 90's,
there was a stir and I enjoyed the personal informal congratulations
one on one from some of them. One of many rather weird sounding
schemes, it is well founded and extends historic and solid theory.
But, I have never been a one trick pony.