Re: New unbreakable encryption method

On Sat, 23 Aug 2008 21:57:53 -0700 (PDT), jlb@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

Hi! I developed an unbreakable encryption method that will replace the
One Time Pad. I know that sounds unlikely,
Very unlikely.

The Basic Idea
Take a small number of One Time Pads. These are of course shared
between two computers. Add an array of random numbers that can be used
as indexes in those One Time Pads. Now, every time you use a code from
one of the pads, use the next value in the array to determine another
code in that same pad with which to swap values. That's basically it.
Now you have a small set of perpetual One Time Pads.
That is not, and cannot be, a One Time Pad. You start with a finite
amount of key material, the "small number of pads" and the "array of
random numbers". As soon as a message (or group of messages) has
exceeded the length of all your key material you *must* be reusing at
least a part of it. That changes your scheme from a One Time Pad to a
Two Time Pad, and a TTP is known to be insecure.

To be an OTP the amount of key material must equal or exceed the size
of the message/s. Under no circumstances can any key material be
reused - that is why it is called a ONE TIME Pad.