Re: New unbreakable encryption method

I call the method "Perpetual One Time Pad", or POTP for short. I
considered calling it Perpetual One Use Pad, but I thought POUP wasn't
a good nickname for it:).

This scheme does not have the same security as the OTP. You can easily
see this because in the OTP each bit of the pad is a probability of
0.5 of being 0 or 1. The security proof for the OTP depends on the
fact that each bit of the pad is truly random.

In your scheme, with a given key and a given collection of pads, the
probability of a given bit being a zero or a one is certain; it's a
computation based upon the contents of the pad, key and message.

Your scheme is ambiguous and thus I can't comment further until source-
code is provided.


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