Re: Want to Protect my Software - Recommendations?

jmorton123 <jmorton123@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

Here is your answer. [...]

[a lot of random gibberish]

Use your imagination to implement this or I am available for a fee to
do it for you. And not too cheaply, I might add.

You should sell your worthless (but apparently still expensive) services
elsewhere. This is exactly what we have worked out is _not_ good for
Regina's product. And as you say it, it's an if/then/else, so it can be
circumvented easily just as every other DRM approach.

My recommendation still is an easy "enter license key"-approach. It
will not disturb the customer too much, since it keeps formality to a
minumum (different from your heavyweight super-DRM).

Crackers would remove it anyway.


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