Re: RSA hexadecimal parameters

On Jun 20, 6:43 am, a_a <butteri...@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
I'm looking for the 3 parameters for the RSA algorithm in hexadecimal:
the module and two exponents.
I would like to use RSA with about 512 bit.
It is better a little number for the decrypt exponent to decrypt fast.
The RSA I have use hexadecimal strings and keys.
It is ok also to find decimal parameters, but after that I must
convert big numbers into hexadecimal and I don't find a correct

Have you searched for multi-precision math libraries like GMP?

You might also look at libtommath (

You might need to use the math library and write your own converter -
but the important part is the multi-precision library - and you should
easily be able to do that.