Re: my KDF vs dictionary attacks

"Bryan Olson" <fakeaddress@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
But why one character per digit, and why use that particular Twofish

it was the only one i could find

Some of it looks like Visual Basic, which I don't really know. Does that
actually run? The stuff starting at "Function sBox" looks like real code,
but the rest I don't follow.

i do code in visual basic 6 yes, the attempted description of the sbox and
the function are essentially cut and paste jobs of the code, it does run
both when compiled and in the IDE, but as one can imagine, running the code
from the IDE is much slower than running compiled, by almost an order of
magnitude i would expect.

i don't know Python so i can't translate my code into, Python but i think my
knowledge of C++ may be sufficient to translate the code, the KDF i am using
is essentially one large loop encapsulating a few smaller ones

i could paste the code of the whole KDF, but at a guess i think i am about
to be told to sit down and shut up once again, i've already been told to
read more stuff on cryptography when i've already read and re-read
everything that was recommended, interestingly enough, of the books and such
that have been recommended, there has never been a significant explanation
of any notation or how it is used in any of them.