RE: Book on Pre-MATH for cryptography and cryptanalysis. Reply

<rolof789@xxxxxxxx> writes:
If my knowledge of mathamatics only extends to High school grade,
what areas of Math would I need to know before I could read and
understand works on cryptography by such authors as F. Bauer,
Koblitz ro Applied Cryptography by B Schneier ?

I liked "Concrete Mathematics" by Knuth, Graham, and Patashnik.
That book has gotten a little bit old by now so maybe there are
newer suggestions.


James Street's review of this book on Amazon scared the crap out of me.
It looks like this is a book for me to aspire to. If this is what it takes for me to
get my mind around cryptography, then so be it. However, i think i need to cover
some material before embarking on this book.

I am starting to get the picture that discrete math is quite important in cryptography.
But its a big field. do I need all of it?