RE: Book on Pre-MATH for cryptography and cryptanalysis. Reply

IMHO, I'd read "The Code Breakers" by David Kahn before reading Applied
Cryptography by Schneier. The Code Breakers covers classical cryptography,
and Applied Cryptography is more modern cryptography. You will be lost
reading Applied Cryptography without a basic handle on cryptography. Go to
your city or university library and you will probably find Kahn's book.


Thanks for the input. Would that be a David Kahn? If so which book, as he has
a few published?
My aim is to understand the math I need to read such books as
"Decrypted Secrets - Methods, Maxims of Cryptology" But I only have a high school
level of Math at the moment, otherwise, I have a good grounding in security.

I cant find any cryptography books which give you a ground up tutorial on the math
needed. On the other hand, I dont really want to be doing a whole Degree on cryptography
in order to learn the math.

A bit like medical students do PRE-med; I need some kind of PRE- crypto math course
right now to get me started.

Thanks rol