Re: Can you decrypt this?

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Ok, I was only interested in if anyone can break the code, nothing else.
It just one the those things on back of Sunday paper.
Just wanted to see if anyone could attack to this.

I'd do it if I had the skill.

The others have the sill but are too lazy to make the attempt. They will
not, however, be shy about giving all sorts of reasons -- mainly childish
attacks upon you or your methods -- why they won't even bother to try.

Give up; this sort of thing has been tried here before. They universally
treat it as trolling (an ad hominem attack if there ever was one). You
will say "Put up, or shut up." and they will reply, "YOU shut up!".

All it proves to ME is that the so called "experts" on cryptography don't
here don't really know anything at all about the subject.

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