Re: wanted opinions: Powercrypt 2000 (text encryption)

"Arnold Friend" <samsara@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote ...
I am looking for a text encryption program that I can copy and paste
onto my clipboard to post on on a public board to communicate w/
friends outside of email. We are not going to be talking about
anything that is topsecret but we would like something that keeps our
conversation private. I am playing w/ the trial version of "Kremlin"
and don't mind the price ~$30 but I don't want all of my friends to
have to buy it.

I found a freeware page that has the clipboard function called
"Powercrypt 2000". It looks pretty good. Eventhough my friends and I
are not going to talk about anything valuable, I would like to know if
it is hard to crack-- if it is not there is no point in it.

Also, are there any other freware programs similar to powercrypt
2000. I am looking for that encrypted text function.

A few questions come to mind ...

If a provider of encryption software doesn't reveal the algorithm used,
how can any claims of security be credible?

If a provider of encryption software doesn't provide the source code,
how do you know they or their friends won't have full access to whatever
you "encrypt" with it?

Is it likely that there are state/governmental organisations that might
front themselves as companies providing free encryption software?