wanted opinions: Powercrypt 2000 (text encryption)

I am looking for a text encryption program that I can copy and paste
onto my clipboard to post on on a public board to communicate w/
friends outside of email. We are not going to be talking about
anything that is topsecret but we would like something that keeps our
conversation private. I am playing w/ the trial version of "Kremlin"
and don't mind the price ~$30 but I don't want all of my friends to
have to buy it.

I found a freeware page that has the clipboard function called
"Powercrypt 2000". It looks pretty good. Eventhough my friends and I
are not going to talk about anything valuable, I would like to know if
it is hard to crack-- if it is not there is no point in it.


Also, are there any other freware programs similar to powercrypt
2000. I am looking for that encrypted text function.

Thank you.


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